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Implementing Regulation on the Development and Evaluation of Quality of Health Care


From the Ministry of Health:




Purpose, Scope, Basis and Definitions


ARTICLE 1 - (1) The purpose of this Regulation is to provide quality services in health institutions and organizations to ensure the safety of patients, employee safety, patient satisfaction and employee satisfaction based on health quality standards and the procedures and principles regarding the application of these standards.


ARTICLE 2 - (1) This Regulation; providing diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation services and preventive health services public and private health institutions and organizations.



ARTICLE 3 - (1) (C) of Article 9 of the Basic Health Care Act dated 7/5/1987 and numbered 3359,I, about the organization and duties of the Ministry of Health and its affiliated institutions dated 11/10/2011 and numbered 663 On the basis of the first paragraph (i) of Article 8 of the Decree of the Law,It was prepared.

Definitions and abbreviations

ARTICLE 4 - (1) In this Regulation;

  1. Ministry: Ministry of Health,
  2. Assessment: Whether health standards are applied in health institutions and organizations

    and on-site review to determine levels of implementation,

  3. Evaluator: The person authorized by the Ministry and performing the evaluation activities,
  4. General Directorate: General Directorate of Health Services,
  5. Quality score: Quality in health as a result of on-site evaluation in health institutions and organizations the value determined between zero and one hundred, indicating the level of application of standards,
  6. Provincial quality coordinator: Provincial health directorate on behalf of the Ministry on the basis of quality standards in health and the unit formed to carry out and coordinate the operations,
  7. Health Quality Standards (SKS): Ministry of Health, healthcare institutions and organizations efficiency, effectiveness, continuity and timeliness, especially for All of the developed standards,
  8. Health institutions and institutions: public and private sector hospitals, medical / branch centers, oral and dental health centers / hospitals, primary health care providers, polyclinics, medical laboratories,imaging, blood and dialysis centers and provincial ambulance services,



Implementation and Evaluation of Standards

Applying quality standards in health

ARTICLE 5 - (1) Health institutions and organizations; In the frame of health standards make arrangements. Within the scope of self-evaluations and health quality evaluations made on the basis of SKS carry out the necessary improvement activities.

(2) Health quality standards that health institutions and organizations should apply and guidelines related to them General Directorate prepared and published on the web site of the Ministry.

(3) Health institutions and organizations shall ensure that the quality standards in health and months later.

(4) In order to increase the effectiveness of quality standards in health,or on-site training activities.Evaluation

ARTICLE 6 - (1) The Ministry, in line with the quality standards in health,Evaluate.

(2) Preparation of quality standards in health, determination of evaluation process and evaluators All work and transactions relating to the Company shall be carried out by the General Directorate.

(3) The evaluations are carried out annually by the Ministry on the dates determined by the Ministry. Related quality score 95 and above, between January and June of the year following the self-evaluation results

In the case of submissions to the Ministry, no assessment is made that year and the validity of the current quality score continues.

However, re-evaluation can be done on the request of the institution and the institution.

(4) The evaluations are based on the pre-announced recom- mendations and the health quality standards published by the General Directorate is carried out in accordance with the evaluation guidelines.

(5) All the quality standards in health or a part and / or departments to be determined by the General Directorate

(6) The health institutions and organizations shall notify them at the latest with concrete evidence from the it may appeal to the Ministry in writing within seven days. Appeals shall be filed with the Ministry within thirty days at the latest.It concluded.

(7) Quality points in health institutions and organizations, quality standards in health published in General Directorate points are calculated according to the calculation guide.

(8) The quality scores of health institutions and organizations in the related year shall be valid until the end of the following year.

(9) The Ministry may declare the quality scores of health institutions and organizations. The first three of this year's announcement It is a must to do during the month.



Miscellaneous and Final Provisions

Regulation removed from enforcement

ARTICLE 7 - (1) The quality of the Health Care Quality published in the Official Gazette dated 6/8/2013 and numbered 28730 Implementation and Evaluation of the Regulation has been abolished.Force

ARTICLE 8 - (1) This Regulation shall enter into force on the date of its publication.Executive

ARTICLE 9 - (1) The provisions of this Regulation shall be executed by the Minister of Health.