T.C. Sağlık Bakanlığı İstanbul İl Sağlık Müdürlüğü İstanbul Sultan Abdülhamid Han Eğitim ve Araştırma Hastanesi

Medical Oncology

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Patients who have cancer diagnosed in our clinic and suspect of cancer are referred to our clinic. An average of 800 policlinic patients are examined every month, and control, treatment and follow-up are performed.

In our clinic, local treatment methods such as intrathecal and intraperitoneal chemotherapy and some biological and immunological cancer treatment methods are applied except systemic chemotherapy in the last developmental light in the field of oncology. Chemotherapy, biologic therapy and targeted treatment are performed remotely at the chemotherapy unit or at the clinic.

Clinical Department: Designed in accordance with the approach of modern medicine with its new appearance, EFG Block 2nd floor entered service in May 2007. Features of the department:

                       15 patients bed capacity.
                       The Odalara has private toilet-bath, air conditioning, TV, fridge.
                       The Support Care Unit is equipped with 4 beds and can provide services at the level that provides intensive care conditions.

Remotely Chemotherapy Unit: Provided for the services of our well planned patients according to today's conditions. Features of the unit:

A total of 12 patients can be served at the same time, one in bed and the other in 11 special chemotherapy seats.

                      Private toilets, air conditioners and LCD televisions ensure that our patients are treated comfortably.
                      There are planned invasive intervention and emergency response rooms for other medical interventions.
                      The relaxation section with air-conditioning and LCD TV was created to allow the patient and his / her relatives to comfortably wait.


Doç.Dr. Oğuz BİLGİ


Doç.Dr. Mehmet Alparslan ÖZGÜN


Uzm.Dr.Levent Emirzeoglu