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Oncology Centers

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      Medical Oncology Department has been established in 1985 and it is one of Turkey's oldest medical oncology departments. With more than thirty years of experience, we have trained thousands of Medical Oncology specialists and lecturers and have provided treatment to thousands of patients.

    Medical Oncology Department has three sections. These are Inpatient Section, Clinic Section, and Outpatient Chemotherapy Section. Inpatient Section has 10 beds and the patients who are hospitalized are treated in this section. In the Clinic Section, daily examinations and treatments are performed and average of 100 patients are served daily. Outpatient Chemotherapy Section has 16 beds and daily chemotherapies were given in this section and average of 40 patients were treated per day.        

       In addition to chemotherapy, our department applies today's most populer treatments such as targeted therapy (intelligent drug therapy) and immunotherapy (drug treatment that activates the immune system), and with these treatments, much more successful results are obtained.

       Currently, two associate professors, one specialist and a fellow are working in our department and we are serving to our patients with great devotion in the light of our clinic's experience over thirty years.