T.C. Sağlık Bakanlığı İstanbul İl Sağlık Müdürlüğü İstanbul Sultan Abdülhamid Han Eğitim ve Araştırma Hastanesi



Sultan Abdülhamid Educational Research Hospital historical service building was opened to service by Sultan Abdülmecit Han in 1846 and active health services were provided for military service for 171 years as of August 26, 2016 until the Ministry of Health. This service has been realized since 1985 as GATA Haydarpaşa Education Hospital for the last 31 years.

            Sultan Abdülhamid Education Research Hospital, Medical Microbiology Service administrative department and laboratories D Bloke.

In October 1985, when the Medical Chief of the Department of Medical Microbiology was in charge of academic staff and organization, our faculty members serving up to the day-to-day service were; Asst. Assoc. Dr.O.Şadi YENEN (1986-1990), Assoc. Ömer KOCABEYOĞLU (1990-1999), Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gürol EMEKDAŞ (1999-2000), Prof.Dr.Mustafa ÖZYURT (2000-2003), Prof.Dr.F.Tunçer HAZNEDAROĞLU (2003-2011), Prof.Dr. Mustafa ÖZYURT (2011-2016) has been. In addition, Prof. Dr. Mustafa ÖZYURT also served as the Laboratory Department Head between 2012-2016. After the transfer to the Ministry of Health, as of September 19, 2016, Prof.Dr.Mustafa ÖZYURT has been appointed as the duty of administrative and educational responsibility of the Medical Microbiology Service Chief and he still continues this duty.

Teaching members who are in charge of Assistant Chief Sevis from day to day, Assist Erdoğan KOŞAN (1989-1995), Assoc.Dr.Gürol EMEKDAŞ (1997-1999), Asst.Dr.Nurettin ARDIÇ (2001-2007), Assoc.Dr.Mustafa ÖZYURT (2003-2011), Assoc.Prof. Orhan BAYLAN (2008-2016), Assistant Prof.Dr. Uğur Demirpek (2008-2010) and Assoc. Ogün Cezar (2015-2016) has been.

 In addition, 7 (seven) Medical Microbiology Experts from 1985 to the present day served as the Medical Microbiology Service Chief and 20 specialist students were trained in total. Since the day it was founded, those who have been working as specialists as day-to-day are respectively Uz.Dr.Erdoğan KOŞAN (1995-1996), Uz.Dr.Ali ERDEMOĞLU (1996-2009), Uz.Dr.Muhiddin DİLER (1996-1998), Uz.Dr : Nurittin ARDIÇ (2007-2009), Uz.Dr.Ogün SEZER (2009-2011), Uz.Dr.Bayhan BEKTÖRE (2012-2016) and Uz.Dr.M.Burak SELEK (2012-2016).

Prof.Dr.Orhan BAYLAN and Uz.Dr. M.Burak SELEK has been working at Sultan Abdülhamid Training and Research Hospital, Medical Microbiology Service as of 19 September 2016 after transfer to Ministry of Health.


The Department of Medical Microbiology Service currently maintains routine laboratory services with 3 microbiology technicians, 4 biologists, 3 laboratories and 3 staffs while carrying out educational and scientific research activities with a professor, an associate professor and an expert staff.

Medical Microbiology has many scientific disciplines and fields (Medical Bacteriology, Medical Parasitology, Medical Virology, Mycobacteriology, Molecular Microbiology and Immunology-Serology) as well as technological developments and understanding of Laboratory-Clinical cooperation. the effectiveness of routine medical services in the medical field is increasing day by day.

Considering five years' experience in terms of capabilities and capabilities, with approximately 250 microbiological test parameters in the SUT, approximately 170,000 tests per year of an average of 65,000 patients per year are studied and about 700,000 blood-based procedures are performed.

Within the scope of Hospital Infection Control Committee activities, technical, scientific and personnel support is provided by the Medical Microbiology Service Chief in the most efficient and efficient manner.

Our Hospital, Medical Microbiology Laboratory has been transformed into a contemporary laboratory that can be renewed in the period of June-September 2015 to respond to today's needs.

Our hospital activities are continuing to work in the National Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance System (UAMDSS), the National Enteric Pathogen Laboratory Surveillance Network (UEPLA) and the National Antituberculosis Drug Resistance Laboratory Surveillance Network, and their activities are audited by the External Quality Units.

As the External Quality Systems, routine bacteriological our activities, including infectious disease and mycobacterial diagnostic procedures, legislation within the scope of regularly assessing Turkey by the Public Health Agency National Microbiology Reference Center, İmmünoseroloj Our laboratory tests BIO DEVELOPMENT S.R.L. and our autoantibody tests are accredited by Deutscher Akkredierungs Rat (DAR).

Capabilities of diagnostic microbiology laboratories inventory serving in the scope of Medical Microbiology Service Chief;

  • In Bacteriology Laboratory;
  • The BACTEC9120 hemoculture system,
    VITEK 2 automatic identification device and
    Bactron IV anaerobic cabinet,
    Aerob (Core) and Carbon Dioxide (Therme) Ovens,
    Tissue crusher
    Olympus brand training and Light Microscopes
    Olympus and Leica Fluorescent microscope and dark room
    Pull-out for stove-painting
    Diagnostic media, kits and rapid tests
    Sensitive scales
    pH meter
    Deep Freezers and Refrigerators.
    Biosafety package


  • In the Molecular Microbiology Laboratory,
  • Real-Time PCR devices (AB Applied Biosystems 7500 and Abbott M2000)
    PFGE device (Bio-Rad)
    Horizontal and vertical type electrophoresis devices (Bio-Rad)
    Molecular imaging device (Bio-Rad),
    Class II Biosafety Cabinets,
    Refrigerated micro centrifuge with aerosol protection
    Sensitive scales


  • In the Mycology and Mycobacteriology Laboratory,
  • Negative pressure chamber
    MGIT960 (BACTEC) automated culture system,
    Refrigerated centrifuge with aerosol protection
    Class II Biosafety Cabinets,
    A refrigerator
    Diagnostic media and kits


  • In Parasitology Laboratory
  • Olympus brand binocular light microscope
    Parasitological rapid test cards
    Painting sets
    Neubauer Cell Counting Glass
    Ventilation system


  • Immunology- Serology Laboratory
  • Tritirus Micro-ELISA,
    Architect i2000,
    Image 800 nephelometry devices
    Tritirus Micro-ELISA for allergic tests
    Centrifugal device (Heraus)
    Deep Freezers and Refrigerators


  • Autoclave unit
    Two vertical autoclaves for food sterilization and medical waste decontamination,

         Decontamination unit
         Eye wash and shower.


Doç. Dr. Orhan BAYLAN
Uzm. Dr. Mehmet Burak SELEK
Uzm. Dr. Ayça Özer DURMUŞLU