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Plastic And Reconstructive Surgery

Plastic and Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Service Chief and Burn Center, Plastic Surgery Service and Prof.Dr. M. Mümtaz GÜLER It consists of two bed units as burn center. Polyclinic services and surgical applications are performed in two separate units depending on the Plastic Surgery Service and Burn Center. Within the scope of policlinic and inpatient treatment services, duty and retired military personnel are provided with services such as civilian illness examination, follow-up, treatment and, if necessary, surgery and inpatient treatment within the families they are obliged to look after.

The Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Service is one of the few well-established Plastic Surgical Clinics of our country that has been recognized in various scientific activities in the world and in the world, Surgical treatment of maxillofacial surgery, hand surgery, micro surgical applications, head and neck and skin and soft tissue tumors in the body, congenital anomalies, nerve injuries are performed in our service which is primarily designed to meet the needs of military personnel. In this context, our service is responsible for the treatment of jaw and facial surgery of traffic accidents, firearm injuries, occupational accidents or similar destructive traumatic patients, and ensuring proper repatement of limbs in limb ruptures. In all these areas, the services related to the treatment of congenital anomalies are carried out in our service.

Our Plastic Surgery Service is working in cooperation with other surgical and internal branches in our hospital. Other medical disciplines support the medical disciplines that need to be addressed, such as the repair of tissue defects, cancer surgeries, post-surgical repairs, and wound healing problems.

Within the scope of the treatment services carried out jointly with other branches, the Plastic Surgery Service gives diagnosis and treatment support to the patients evaluated in these councils as a permanent member of the multidisciplinary councils such as the Diabetic foot and wound council, Tumor Council and Chin and Facial Surgery Council.

Prof. dr. M. Mümtaz GÜLER Burn Center is a center that has been serving in the Marmara region for many years and has a deep-rooted experience as the only burn center in Istanbul's Anatolian Region until recently. Our burn center is primarily provided with military personnel and quotas, as well as civilian bedside and remote burn treatment services. In addition to experience with acute burn treatment, various treatment alternatives can be applied to various deformations and burn injuries that develop after burns, which are often accompanied by long-term structured burn treatment and follow-up.


Doç. Dr. Oğuz KAYIRAN  
Op. Dr. Süphan TUNÇ


Uzm. Dr. Güler Gamze Eren ÖZCAN  
Uzm. Dr. Mahmut ÖZGÜL